Thursday, May 2, 2013

Conversations with my Kids

One of the things I love the most about my kids getting older is the conversations that we have. About any and all subjects and most of the time I wind up either laughing or crying.

Usually a little bit of both.

My oldest daughter just turned 7 and suddenly the subjects she wants to talk about have changed dramatically.  It amazes me that she can go from laughing hysterically at Applejack's hijinx on My Little Pony to asking me why there are some kids that don't have enough food to eat - all in the span of a few seconds.

She definitely keeps me on my toes.

I am also seriously gobsmacked (god I love that word) with her memory!  She remembers the tiniest little details about EVERYTHING! And she is also always listening...even when I wish she wasn't.

We drove by a restaurant the other day and our conversation went like this:

     M: "We went there once, right Mummy?"

     Me: glancing over briefly "Ummm...I don't think so."

     M: "Yes we was a special day...and they had all kinds of food on tables...and  

          Nana was there and T was just a little baby and you had to hold her. And I had

And then I realized she was right...we had gone there for Mother's Day Brunch when she was just 3 years old. So it was 4 years ago we went to that restaurant for the first and only time and she remembered it as if it was yesterday. 

She shocked me with iron trap of a brain just the other day.  I have been trying to plant a few seeds about going to Disneyland in January. She has insisted that the next time we go she wants us to surprise her on the way to the airport - but since one of the reasons we are going is for me to run a 5K and for the girls to participate in the kids dashes I kind of want them to have some time to prepare. 

(plus...there is no way I can keep this a secret for the next 8 months. No. Way.)

So I casually mentioned that I might want to run a race at Disneyland 'some time in the future' and did you know they have kids races too? 

"Is that the run that your friend did Mummy," she said. "You know..the Tinkerbell one that your friend whose name starts with an N did?"

Yup...that would be the one.  The race she over heard me talking about to hubby back 4 months ago. The Tinkerbell Half Marathon that my friend Nicole did. How did she remember that?

I told her she was right (as usual) and did she want to do a run too. 

"Yes, yes, yes!" she shouted. "And I don't want the trip to be a surprise now. I need to train. When we get home I need to exercise."

And that she did...

The other day she asked me if we would ever have a tsunami here.  Now we live in the Pacific Northwest and just a few blocks from the ocean so it's not an impossible thought...and I told her that.  She immediately started to cry.

(See...they keep you on your toes!)

When I hugged her and asked her why she was crying she said a teacher had told her a story about a little boy in Japan who got caught in a Tsunami and he and his parents were running up a hill but his parents decided to go back to save some "stuff" and they died and he was all alone. Then she begged me to not go back for 'stuff' if that happens to our house. 

Can't we just talk about My Little Pony some more?

With my youngest it's usually a little easier.  The conversations we have are still pretty short and usually pretty easy.

"I wish I was you Mummy...because you get to wear sparkly stuff on your eyes."

"Mummy...can I wave to you at the window at daycare?  And can you wave to me as you drive by?"

See...easy peasy...

But yesterday she hit me with this one in the car:  "Is it okay if I love Daddy more than you?"


I looked in the rear view mirror at her little face and saw very clearly she wasn't trying to be mean or hurt my was just an honest question that she needed an answer to. 

"Well," I said. "If I'm honest with you that does kind of hurt my feelings but you are also always allowed to feel how you feel. Can I ask  you why you love Daddy more?"

(Why oh why do I ask these questions?)

"Because he let's me watch My Little Pony more than you." she said. 

Phew...and the conversation comes full circle.


  1. Love this post! Kids are definitely amazing with the things they remember and say! My kids are the same way.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Salma! I definitely think these conversations are one of the best perks of having kids...