Sunday, May 12, 2013

Love. Period.

Today is Mothers Day. I got to sleep in and awoke to the sight of my girls and hubby bringing me breakfast in bed.

Not too shabby...

The girls gave me the cards and presents they had made. Little one gave me a frame covered in glitter and foam hearts. It's not Mother's Day unless my bed winds up covered with glitter! 

Oldest had painted a small ceramic pot and planted a marigold in it. Unfortunately she put a few too many coats on and so the paint was still wet. So it's living on the deck for a while..,

After extending my lounge in bed time as long as possible...I finally joined the family in the kitchen where the kids had pulled out the play doh. 

Hubby had been asking me repeatedly what I wanted to do on Mother's Day and I was indecisive. But one idea had been percolating for a while - to get my first tattoo.

I have been considering getting one for years but couldn't decide on what it should be. I always thought it would include the girls names but I couldn't pick a design I liked.

Then I saw the perfect one on Pinterest. I knew it was the right one immediately. Simple and perfect. 

As hubby left for his soccer game and the girls and I headed out to meet my mum and Nana for brunch the idea kept growing. I wanted to get it today.

We had a lovely brunch - I'm always so happy when we get the four generations together. Especially how happy it makes my lovely nana to spend time with the girls.

When we got home I asked hubby to call his co-worker that is a tattoo artist and see if the shop was opem and if they had any openings. They did. One cancellation. I was booked for 3:30.

Cue the nerves. Cue the excitement.

We decided to take the kids with us - they are both very curious and we want them to learn about things from us rather than others. And hubby could always leave with them if he needed to.

They were great. And the entire process was (relatively) painless. 30 minutes from start to finish. 

"really...because mine was licked on by kittens!"

she didn't know if she should be nervous or excited!

I am in LOVE with my new ink. And already thinking about my next one.

From my perspective this is what life is all about. Love. Period.

Happy Mother's Day!

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