Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lunch is a 4 letter word

I knew having kids would change my life forever. I knew there would be sacrifices to make.  I knew I would be sleep deprived.  I knew my priorities would change.

I expected to hate changing diapers and be thrilled when the day came that they were potty trained.

I expected to get sick of reading the same story repeatedly and longed for the day they would expand their literary interests beyond The Cat in the Hat.

But one thing I never expected was how much I would loathe - and I mean LOATHE - having to make lunches.

I hate is the bane of my existence.  I would relocate my whole family to find a school where they served hot lunch if that was a viable option.

I have tweeted about my hatred of lunches...even offering $100 to anyone that would come and make them for me. (I was only half joking...)

I have whined about it to friends and family. I have heard the same thoughts from other parents who hate it as much as I do.

I know the way to get over it is to just get it done right away...I know that...really I do.

And yet every night...without fail...I find myself getting ready to go to bed (much later than I should be) and being hit with the realization that "Oh %$^& I still have to make lunches!"

I can't explain why I hate it so much.  It doesn't take me long. It's usually 2 sandwiches or leftovers and a selection of side dishes (most of which are pre-packaged). The most time consuming part is usually cutting up some fruit.

Recently my oldest daughter has given me even more reason to hate this task.  Almost every day this week her lunch has come home and she has barely touched it. Except for any 'treat' item I might have thrown in.

Yesterday was the last straw. I opened up her lunch box and found a full sandwich (with a few bits of crust pulled off), full water bottle and an unopened apple sauce. The damn Bear Paw was the only item missing from what ten complete lunch I had put it in her backpack that morning.

So I did what any frustrated parent would do - I zipped the bag back up and put it in the fridge ready for the next morning. She was going to eat this damn lunch if I had to send it with her every day for the rest of the week.

This morning when I told dear daughter what was what in the world of lunches she looked appropriately ashamed and disgusted. I know this will not be the last conflict in our war over lunches but I'm fairly confident I won this particular battle at least.

Unless she gets wise and pitches it all in the garbage rather than bringing home the evidence...

And that my why in my world...lunch is a 4 letter word.


  1. I have no idea if this might help, but what if she 'helps' you make what she likes for lunch?

    That way she might like it (if that is why she is not eating it). And, maybe she is also half way accountable to have lunch the next day? Which in return can make this task more enjoyable for you?

    When I was a kid, my mom used to meet me at school for lunch. Sometimes I liked it, sometimes I didn't. I wanted money and to be able to buy from the "store" and look cool.

    You might need to have a heart-to-heart conversation. :-)

    Nadia @

    1. Hi Nadia - I had tried involving her more in the past to no avail...but you inspired me to try again and it seems to be working a little better this time.

      Every morning she helps decide what goes in her lunch and so far this week she has been eating it everyday. It has also been a great way to teach her about smart choices.

      Luckily my little one will eat anything so hopefully we won't have the same issues with her.

      Thanks for the encouragement...

  2. You only think she's been eating it everyday. Better look under her bed!