Sunday, June 23, 2013

An Honour to be Nominated

When I started this blog just a year ago I did it purely for me. I wanted an outlet for my writing and a diary of my kids lives. I pretty much figured no one but my friends and family would read it.

Boy was I wrong.  Blogging has done so much more for me. It has introduced me to other writers - amazing women who are funny and brave and poignant and sassy.

It has inspired me to face truths about myself and make long overdue changes. It has given me a place to write about emotional topics and work through them.

And people I have never met - from all over the world - have found me and read my posts. And they have left comments with advice, kudos and commiserations.

As of today I have had nearly 13,000 people visit Writing Down the Bones. And they can't all be my mother.

The whole process has been a major eye-opener for me. And the cherry on top of the sundae came last month when I found out I had been selected by as one of the Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers. I was truly touched.

my badge of honour...
After the nominations were announced a two-week voting period opened and I politely asked my friends and family to please cast their vote for me. But only if they it wasn't an inconvenience. I think I posted twice on facebook and twitter and left it at that.  I just personally felt awkward asking anymore than that.

And so I was not surprised when the results were announced to discover that I was not the winner.  But I was a little disappointed.

Because let's call a spade a spade here...I'm a pretty competitive person. As such I always figured that if I was ever nominated for anything and lost my reaction would be similar to Joey on Friends when he lost the Soapie award:

And let's be clear - there would be nothing "gracious" about my reaction.

Surprisingly...while I was disappointed...I was also feeling that it truly was just an honour to be nominated.

I have heard this phrase so often - uttered by celebrities during red carpet interviews - and I have always thought it was a bit of a hollow statement. Something that you feel you have to say because it's the equivalent of taking the high road.

But it's not hollow at all - when I looked at the blogs of my fellow nominees - I felt really humbled to be included. And I was really looking forward to meeting them all in person at the GLAM event that was putting on.

What a party. It was held at the Secret Location in Gastown and they went all out. There was a photographer taking professional head shots, makeup touch ups, fancy cocktails and - the most important booth of all in my humble opinion - Purdy's.

I made fast friends with those lovely ladies...


Each nominated top blogger had an ambassador for the evening - a past nominee that knew how we were feeling.  I was very fortunate to get paired up with the lovely Jen from Mama.Papa.Bubba.

Chatting with her over the course of the evening I knew we shared similar thoughts on what our blog meant to us and even some of the same concerns about how being nominated for this award could impact it. She was proof to me that being nominated didn't mean the focus or tone or feeling of Writing Down the Bones had to change.  What it meant was new opportunities to have my voice heard.  To possibly have an impact on other people.  To even have a say in important matters.

It was very reassuring.

After getting my make up touched up (hello smoky eyes), downing a signature cocktail with a cucumber slice in it (how fancy!) and visiting the Purdy's table a few too many times - it was time for the speeches.

Several past nominees (including Jen) got up and made heartfelt speeches about what blogging meant to them and how amazing being part of this community really is. There was a lot of tear wiping going on after those let me tell you.

And then we honoured the winner of the 2013 Top Vancouver Mom Blogger - Mitzi of East Van Baby. She was showered in aforementioned prizes (so jealous!) and then gave a amazing speech of her own.

Look out world...Moms have internet access and we aren't afraid to use it!

The evening wrapped up with a group photo:

And then all the nominees were given swag bags of our own. The bags were loaded to the max and it's taken me several days to go through it all - thanks for spoiling us rotten!

And with that the 2013 nomination, voting, winner and party phases were complete. Now I look forward to a year ahead of getting to know my fellow bloggers even better and writing more.

I want my voice to matter...and this feels like the first step on my journey to make that happen.

Thanks again to for all your support of us bloggers.  And to all the sponsors that have partnered with them to make it all possible.

I can truly say it really was just an honour to be nominated.

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  1. Hi Kelly! (You're mom is a great PR agent.) I've checked out your blog once in a while, and really enjoy it. I voted for you, and want to say congrats for being nominated. Blogging is amazing, and it truly is mind boggling how many great blogs are out there. Keep at it, girl, you're rocking it!