Thursday, June 6, 2013

Slow and Steady

Last night I was reunited with my running partner after spending 4 weeks on the disabled list with an injured hip flexor. And while it was great to lace up my pretty shoes and get back at it again...I have to admit that last night was a definite lesson in patience.

I went into this whole 5K training plan knowing the odds were pretty high that I would get injured at some point and I was prepared to deal with it. I promised myself that when it happened I wouldn't try to rush back and risk further injury. I would rest when told to rest, do all the exercises my physiotherapist told me to do and only start running again when I got a clean bill of health.

Hmmm...2 out of 3 ain't bad I guess.

The truth is that I didn't technically have the all clear to run. My physio told me to get back to exercising..walking, biking, swimming, etc.

"But its probably best you wait a bit before doing anything high impact." she said. I'm pretty sure she didn't mean running right?

What can I say...I'm stubborn...and I just missed my nightly runs. So I decided to risk it but also go right back to the beginning and start all over again with Week 1 Day 1 - it looked like this:

Back when I started in March 60 seconds of running felt like an eternity and I needed several minutes to just get my breath back.  But last night each stint flew by and I could breathe and talk. And I couldn't believe how easy it was to get back into a rhythm...and it made it very clear that I had not lost as much momentum as I had feared. 

I was so tempted to just keep running even when the app told me to very tempted. But I stuck to the plan and in fact wound up choosing to walk for several of my 60 second running stints. I even did my stretches before and after.
And when I was actually running I spent a lot of time concentrating on my 'core' to avoid too much "sashay"-ing. Because according to my physiotherapist I walk like Jessica Rabbit - with a very pronounced swinging of my hips. Apparently its not because I think its sexy...its because I'm overcompensating for my weak core.

I prefer to think that it's just damn sexy...

Overall the best part of the night was being reunited with Jaime...I have so missed our regular runs and getting the chance to chat and catch up without the kids around.  Plus - can I just say that girlfriend is seriously KILLING it on her end.  She ran over 5K last night and looked like a million bucks right after.

And although we were without Lindsay last night we made room for her in the middle while we ran. She was there in spirit...

This morning I am sore all over - thanks to all that focus I put on my damn core...but I'm not complaining. The truth is I really missed the sore feeling after a good run. Its the sign of a job well done. So that said...I'm ready to get sore again tomorrow night...

223 days until I need to do this thing for real..

Slow and steady.

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  1. I've just started reading your blog and I'm so amazed by what you are doing - such an inspiration. I've been a wannabe marathoner for almost 10 years and have finally put July 1 on the calendar as the day I start training, will definitely be back to read more of your journey.

    Pink Chai Style