Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Kids are Not Always in the Picture (Monday Listicles)

What would I do without my iPhone and Instagram?  I mean really...these are two innovations that have had a serious impact on my life.

I love how many spontaneous and beautiful moments I have captured using them.  As well as a few pictures of my food as well of course...

So when I saw that this week's Monday Listicles was your top 10 favourite photos I knew to head straight to Instagram...

My first thought was whether or not I could find 10 interesting photos that did NOT feature my children. I was pretty sure that they were featured in 99% of all my snaps...

Surprisingly Instagram tells me I have uploaded 373 pictures and by my count 101 of them do not feature my children. Hmmm...interesting.

So here - in no particular order as always - are my top 10 favourite Instagram photos that chronicle my life outside of motherhood...

It is what it is
My favourite mug...with words to live by.

Hooker Heels
This is what you get when you ask your 3 year old to help you pick shoes "for work".

Love. Period.
This Mother's Day I got my first ink...a reminder of what's most important to me.

No More of This.
Friday night...11:30pm...work parking lot.  This is NOT work life balance.

Rainy Day Bridge
I still love this city...even in the rain.

Written on the mirror at my gym. I still look at this one often.

We Heart San Francisco...
...and after 18 years together we still heart each other.

Running Partners
Taken at the end of one of my first runs.  When 60 seconds had me winded. No more.

Me time
 Lounging poolside on a girls weekend in Whistler.  Rejuvenation...

Don't Judge Me
Because sometimes a bowl is not necessary.

I love posts where I get to take a trip down memory lane...

Until next week Listicle-lovers.


  1. and now I am fantasize about a getaway weekend with my best friends...drinking and lounging at the pool!

    1. My girls weekend away is my salvation. So necessary to get that me time. Find a pool in the sun...stat!

  2. Ben And Jerry's = Single Serving!
    and my fave flavour too.
    Love the tat!! I was thinking of an infinity symbol on my inner wrist - and I want to try white ink. my other tat is in a place no one sees but my husband ;)

    1. White ink is very cool! And I love having my tattoo somewhere that I see every day. Go for it. I can't wait to see the picture...