Monday, July 29, 2013

My Little Dancing Girl

Today is not a good day.

I was in desperate need of something that would make me smile - if even for just a moment - when I discovered this photo buried in my text messages.

And it delivered...

Oh to be this free and unburdened...where the only thing that matters is the song in your head and the dance you made up.

If only...

Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Pretty Little Liar

Oldest daughter came home from summer camp on Tuesday just overflowing with excitement.  I knew they had been to the Aquarium - one of her faves - that day but there was more to this.

"Mummy," she beamed. "I got to feed the dolphins today!"

I was very surprised because I know that's quite expensive and not something she would get to do with a community centre day camp.  But she was full of details...

- no one else wanted to do it.
- the dolphins were called Hannah and Hilda
- one of them had a weird fin
- we walked through a little gate to get down there
- the trainer lady was wearing a wet suit
- she held my hand so the dolphin wouldn't bite me

and it went on and on...her little smiler getting bigger and broader as she told the story.

I was bummed I had missed such a special moment in her life. I aksed if anyone took pictures but she said she didn't think so because it all happened so fast.

She told everyone about it. So proud of her special moment. And I was so proud of her. So much so that I was determined to find a picture of it. Someone must have one somewhere.

So this morning I asked her day camp leader about it.

"Did anyone take any pictures of her feeding the dolphins on Tuesday?" I asked.

"She didn't feed the dolphins," he said matter of factly. "Not with us at least."
I looked in my daughter's direction and caught a glimpse of her stricken face before she suddenly got very interested in the tops of her shoes.

It was all a lie. A very elaborate and believeable lie...but a lie nonetheless.

I walked over, knelt down and very quietly asked her if she had made it up. She mumbled "maybe" and continued to stare at her shoes.

I was shocked and also felt a little foolish that I had fallen for her story but decided that right in the middle of the community centre with all her friends nearby was not the place to have a discussion about it and so I let it go for the time being.

Now - to be honest - I'm a ltitle at a loss on how to deal with it. She has a very vivid imagination and loves to write stories and draw pictures of all kinds of things. I would have been so excited if she had written a story about a girl that got to feed the dolphins. Not tell everyone she did it herself.

And this is not her first time at the "I caught you lying" rodeo - not by a long shot. And each time - as she gets older - the lies get more elaborate and thought out and, well, believeable.

So begins another chapter in my parenting book that I like to call "I hope to hell I'm not screwing this up..."

At least - looking on the bright side - turns out I didn't miss anything after all.

she may look harmless...but I think she's actually plotting to take over the world.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Family Weekend in Whistler (Wordless Wednesday)

This past weekend we took a trip up to Whistler with the kids. It was their first time experiencing the village and we had a great time...

They stayed up until midnight the first excited to stay in a hotel room!

Waiting for our breakfast. I heart this picture SO much.

iphone providing entertainment while we wait for our pancakes

little one needed her sister's help to say hi to the bear.

the water was a little cold at first!

Sisters strollin' in the Village (my fave picture of the entire trip)

Chillin' (waiting for the VSO concert at the Olympic Plaza to start)

Free massages!

Multi-Tasking - making cards for Nanny at breakfast

Water dancin'

it was a good weekend indeed...

The views on the Sea to Sky remind me that we really do live in the best city in the world.

Thanks for another amazing weekend Whistler.  See you again soon...

Monday, July 22, 2013

Nana turns 90

For the second weekend in a row we were marking a major family milestone. This time is was on my side of the family as my lovely Nana - the heart and soul of our family - turned 90 years old yesterday. We threw her a proper garden party BBQ to celebrate and everyone was there for this very special occasion.

A fabulous time was had by all:

the little ones gave Nana a butterfly shaped tiara and she wore it proudly all night long.
Appies!  Melon & prosciutto and Shrimp Cocktail. Yes please.

Hubby hard at work grillin' up some ribs.

Cousins the younger generation...
...and the more "mature" generation.
my god I love these girls so much...

someone was waiting very patiently for that cake to be served already!
Patience is rewarded...
I call this Nana's "bloody awful" face. She really didn't like the champagne we had for her toast.

My aunt put together an amazing slide show of Nana's life.  I was too busy sobbing my eyes out to take pictures but managed to steal this one from my cousin. There were so many pictures I had never seen - including one of her as a young woman sitting in a bomb shelter in London during the Blitz. What a truly incredible life she has led...
my amazing Nana & Poppa on their wedding day in 1951.

Photobomb!  My brother, sis in law and me invade a Nana selfie...
We decided to end the night by launching some paper lanterns in Nana's honour. On each lantern family members wrote their wishes for her in the coming year. 

It was a lovely thought but none of us were really sure how it was going to turn out.  Luckily it was the beautiful gesture we hoped it would be...

preparing the first lanterns for flight...
Nana ready to launch her first one. Miraculously no one was injured during the launch of the lanterns. Nor did we set the wooden dock on fire...

In flight! They looked so beautiful all up in the air.

At one point we got a little concerned they might drop down into a field somewhere and start a fire. I think we avoided that...

some of them - like mine - never took flight.

you really did spawn off a bunch of crazies Nana...and we love you for it!

a beautiful (almost) full moon at the end of a wonderful day.

Happy 90th Nanners!