Thursday, July 11, 2013

13 again...

Last night I went back in time. Back to the days of jelly sandals and cassette tapes; Teen Beat magazine and Au Coton (remember them?)

For a few glorious hours last night I was a teenager again.  Swooning over my big crush.  And believing that Jordan Nathaniel Marcel Knight was not singing to the crowd of thousands around me but was singing right at me.

Music is an amazingly powerful art. It really does have the ability to transport people to another place and time. As I listened to the members of New Kids on the Block (now all in their 40s!) sing The Right Stuff I could instantly and vividly remember the first time I heard it.

13 years old, crouched in front of our television set waiting for the WORLD PREMIERE of their newest video on Much Music (back when they played music videos).  I can feel the carpet between my toes. I can remember how hard my heart was pumping. I remember the sense of pure satisfaction flowing through me as the video finally started to play.

I was up instantly dancing along to the music, my eyes fixed only on Jordan.  I’m pretty sure back then I didn’t even realize there were 4 other members.

The next day the video premiere was the major topic of discussion at school. This was back before Facebook and Twitter and YouTube – hell…it was before email! Back when you actually had to have a conversation in person (heaven forbid).

The first concert I ever went to was the New Kids on the Block at BC Place Stadium.  It was the fall of 1990 and grade 8 had just begun. My dad got me and friends a limo for the night – it was a very big deal:

Wow…look at my hat and that awesome Au Coton blazer! Actually wait…look at my legs instead…I’d give anything to have those legs again.  That night was one of the best of my teenage life. Bar none.

This group was such a big part of my life during that time.  I remember slow dancing to their ballads at high school dances and creating dance routines for the talent show to their other songs.  I remember every video they made. All the posters I pulled out of teen magazines and plastered on my wall. 

I remember how glad I was that each of my closest friends and I were in love with different band members. It was relief not to fight over our true loves...

Last night I attended the concert with one of my oldest friends and two of her friends.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect considering I didn’t even know two of them but we had a fantastic time.

We didn’t have a limo this time but we did have these to get our night started:

Well…I had a few of those to make up the non-drinking preggos. Each drink came with an animal...we had a pretty good little zoo going on by the end of the meal.

One of the most enticing things about this concert was that Boyz II Men were the opening act. That is pure cherry on the top of a New Kids on the Block sundae.  I loved their songs in high school but I had never seen them live.

The setlist had me even more excited – talk about slow dance material!

They did not disappoint…actually…they were amazing.  I loved every second of their set. Especially the Motownphilly finale…awesome.

But I will tell you what was disappointing.  98 degrees. Wow…they sucked. The tour planners got this one all wrong. They should have gone on first.  There was no way they could have lived up to high expectations set by Boyz II Men. No way.

I took to twitter to share my disappointment.

Finally the 98 degrees boys stopped thrusting and gyrating and mercifully left the stage. It was time for the New Kids to come out.

And what followed was 2 hours of me being a teenager again. Swaying in place, screaming like a banshee and singing. So much singing.

There are 5 of them but I still just have eyes for one.  I swear I literally sighed out loud the first time they put his face up on the big screen. 

And of New Kids on the Block concert would be complete without a little bit of this:

All too soon the lights came back on at the arena and I was 35 again. My brain making the transition back slowly. Did I have an early morning meeting?  What can I send the girls with for lunch tomorrow? Was there milk for breakfast? etc. etc. etc.

But no one can take away those few amazing hours where I was young and carefree again. And covering my binder with little hearts and signing my name Kelly Knight.


  1. Love it! I was at that same NKOTB concert in the 90's and have always (and still do) have the biggest crush on Jordan, so back off, he's mine! Hee hee, just kidding. I saw NKOTB and BSB a couple years ago and it was great. So glad you had fun!

  2. I remember how excited you were when the limo arrived to whisk you away to your first concert. You felt so grown up that day... 20+ years later you felt so young! The magic of music!