Monday, July 15, 2013

The Possibility of Tomorrow

I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed these days. 

Strike that…

I’m feeling completely overwhelmed these days.

Summertime always throws me off a bit. School is out and every week I am bouncing my oldest from summer camps to family members.

Co-workers are taking vacation and so my daily work routine is off as I have to cover some of their duties in addition to my own.

And I am planning our own little vacations and quickly realizing that prepping for a quick weekend trip up to Whistler or a camping trip with friends take more time and more attention that I really want to dedicate to the task.

Plus we are getting ready to move.  And there is that other issue we need to deal with as well.  Both of those major life events warrant a future post unto themselves.

And of course this is all on top of the usual day to day duties (including those damn lunches).

So what I really didn’t need was for anything else to come up that required me to think.  Which is why – of course – the other day this happened…

Out of the blue, clear as day, I suddenly thought “I don’t think I want to do marketing anymore.”

It was a crazy thought.  I’ve worked in marketing for more than 10 years and always loved it. There have been a few times I have tried other things but always come back to marketing.

So why would I be feeling this way?

There is the fact that my last job left me with a really bad taste in my mouth. The result of having to report to a completely useless supervisor at a company that (in my oh so humble opinion) was in a downward spiral from an employee satisfaction and overall morale perspective.

But I had rebounded from that experience. I found a new job at a great place with great people and a fantastic manager. My work is interesting and my efforts are appreciated.

I should be feeling content and settled in my new career. Why don’t I? After giving it a lot of thought I can come to only one conclusion.

The truth is that after going through the process of the top blogger nomination and the experience of the Disney Social Media Moms event I know that all I really want to do is write. (And I don’t mean promotional copy for a new ad campaign…)

I am suddenly filled with ideas for blog posts and short stories. I woke up the other night with the first fully formed paragraph of a novel in my head – I had to quickly write it down before it was gone And that opening paragraph was followed by character names and background stories...just flowing from my pen at 3am.

I’m inspired…really inspired…for the first time in ages.  And the timing couldn’t be worse.

Because there is nothing I can do about this feeling RIGHT NOW.  Writing won’t pay the bills RIGHT NOW.  I don’t even have to devote to writing…RIGHT NOW. (sense a theme here?)

So for now…this is a dream that must be put on the back burner. 

But a seed has been planted and a future plan has started to grow.  I need to set some long terms goals and figure out what steps I need to take to make them a reality.

Only time and effort will tell if I am able to make this dream come true.  But every day the image in my mind gets a little clearer.

Walking my girls to school. Walking back to my house. Sitting down at my computer. Writing. Happy.

Tomorrow holds endless possibilities…


  1. Yes, yes, yes, be the little engine that could! There is no wrong happens when it happens & it's happening now. Who would have thought you'd find time to blog, but you did. I haver every faith in you. I.H. xx

  2. Yes, there's always tomorrow.

    But, you can remove CAPTCHA today, please?

    1. If I had my way it would be adios to CAPTCHA and QR codes. Alas...I have no power or pull. :(