Tuesday, July 16, 2013

We're Awesome (Monday Listicles)

This week's listicles directive was pretty simple - 10 Things that Make my Family Awesome.

Pfftt...piece of cake...

Some specific things we do that make us great:

Morning Cuddles – sleepy eyes, mussed up hair, still clutching their blankies…cuddled up on my lap for a few minutes.  No better way to start the day.

Big Question! – our dinner time ritual.  Arms stretched out to the side, one at a time we loudly shout “BIG QUESTION!” and then ask the most important/poignant/timely/though provoking question we can think of.  So it’s usually something like “What’s your favourite [dramatic pause] colour?”

Family Movie Nights – blankies and stuffies, popcorn and cuddles. Bliss.

Living Room Dance Parties – sometimes we put on music, sometimes we let them sing for us.  Other times they dance.  Sometimes they put on puppet shows.  Sometimes it’s a play.  Every time it is simply awesome to watch their imagination at work.

Wipeout Zones – every blanket, pillow, stuffie, etc. is brought out into the living room to make the landing area.  The girls then proceed to throw themselves off the stool in various different acrobatic displays.  Occasionally hubby plays the role of the ‘motivator’.

And now some broader themes:

We respect each other. And teach our kids to do the same.

We have fun.

We laugh every day.

We love each other with all our hearts.

And that my friends…is why my little family rocks the party.

How about you?


  1. Sounds perfect to me!
    I.H. x

  2. family movie nights and kitchen/living room dance parties make all the tough times worth it!
    isn't it funny how we have to playfully swat a few bare bottoms to get them in the bath.....and then 1/2 hour later I still can't get them OUT of the bath. *eyeroll*