Monday, July 8, 2013

Words that Make Me Smile (Monday Listicles)

I love words. I love the power they have. Writing (the stringing together of words into sentences) is the best kind of therapy. It is the way I share, cope and dream.

That means this week's Monday Listicles topic is right up my alley...10 words that make me smile.  And what I love about this topic is because words can make a person smile for so many different reasons. Maybe they are funny or sentimental or sweet...either way...I can always use 10 more reasons to smile.

As always - in no particular order:
Mummy - although I may no longer be smiling when I'm hearing it for the 147th time. Or when it's pronounced Muuuuuummmmmmmmmmyyyyyyy.

Hootenanny - where is it? Can we go? It just sounds like too much fun!

Vacation - oh the possibilities.

Love - what are we without it?

Filibuster - I would have to google up a definition but this word is all kinds of awesome.

Friend - oh the memories this one word produces. My friends mean so much to me.

Bollocks - my ancestors sure have some great slang going.

Paris - because it's always a good idea.  And both my kids have been there (in utero)...

Brouhaha - who doesn't like a good brouhaha once in a while?

Mummy - what? did I use that one already? (wink, wink)

And with that another list is in the books. Time for me to skedaddle. See what I did there?


  1. Great list. I hope to visit Paris someday. ;) I suppose vacation would be right up there as well. I need one!

  2. Oh wow - cool words on the list!

    I love the way Hootenanny, Filibuster, and Brouhaha sound.

    I put 'love' on my list too - I was surprised I didn't see it more often on the other lists.

    Happy Belated Listicles Monday!
    Yona from