Friday, September 27, 2013

High Five for Friday - Long Overdue

After a few days of sunny respite the rain has returned to Vancouver and put a damper on the fact that it's Friday. I thought there was no better way to get out of a grey-weather funk than by doing a High Five for Friday.

And in keeping with my the last 7-weeks-weren't-all-bad theme I'm going to highlight my five top things over that time.

Back to School

Oldest daughter started grade 2 this September. And as I was off work I got the pleasure of walking her each morning for the first few weeks. It's a 4 minute walk now...and anytime they hold hands like this (without my prompting) my heart swells.

Cirque du 7 year old:

We moved into a new house (again -- full post still to come) and the girls settled in right away. It didn't hurt that they have their own rooms for the first time. :) One of their favourite things to do is play in the yard. And on this night we were treated to a Cirque du Soleil performance...

All aboard the Hogwarts Express...

I have been waiting for this for a LONG time. Oldest and I have just started reading Harry Potter together and so far it has been awesome.

Stealthy Kids

Speaking of reading I was doing just that one day - enjoying the quiet of my bedroom while the kids played in theirs. I was so engrossed in my book I didn't hear my little intruders come in. I looked up to find both of them had joined me in bed and were quietly reading their own books. Can't tell you how happy I am that they love books as much as I do.

Pounding Pavement

I am running again. Regularly. And it feels good. My first 5K is in 111 days. Pretty sure I'm going to crush it. One foot in front of the other. Just keep running...

Screw you can't ruin my Friday.

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

What Happens in Vegas...

...gets put on my blog!

As promised...I'm getting back to regular programming (as much as possible) and my first order of business is celebrating some of the great moments that August and September had to offer.

By far the most exciting, entertaining and exhausting was a trip to Vegas to celebrate dual birthdays.

My cousin and I share a birthday (along with my niece but since she's only 4 she didn't come with us) and to celebrate a significant milestone for her (my lips are sealed) we thought a trip to Vegas was in order.

I have been to Vegas twice before but had never really DONE Vegas. The first time I wasn't 21 yet (and kept getting escorted off the casino floor to the movie theatre) and the second time was for work and we stayed off, off, off the strip.

So to say I was excited would have been a major understatement. Except - of course - by the time our trip actaully came along I wasn't really feeling it.  I knew the time away would do me good and the thought of being drunk for 4 days and not having to think was pretty appealing. But I was defintienly not in a woo-hoo Vegas frame of mind.

Still - despite my hesitations and occassional breakdowns - there were some amazingly wonderful moments.  And some even more amazing SHOES!

I'm going to let the pictures tell the story (with occassional comments where explanations might be necessary:

Day 1 - Airport Selfies, Mandalay Bay, Walk Around, Roller Coaster:

we still think its very funny when we sneak a selfie...but we're probably the only ones.

me and my sisters.

hard to travel with the two most photogenic women on the planet!
waiting for our shuttle...haven't melted yet.
view from our room - hello cabanas.
first drinks of the trip...cheers!
no vegas trip is complete without blow up i right?
J: "is this an ATM?" Guess she didn't see the sign...

5 minutes later... Me: "Where are the shops?!" Guess I should have looked up...

their shops had the BEST stuff! I keep doing duck face...I blame it on the booze.
my bloody smurf smoothie with a shot of whipped cream vodka. Vegas rocks!

on our way to ride the roller coaster at the New York New York.
this way to sore necks, bruised legs and migraines. We too old to ride...


Okay...when you go to Vegas (especially in August!) you must, I repeat MUST, rent a cabana. Yes they are pricey. Yes, they are relatively small. But oh my god they are also awesome!

There could have been no better way for us to spend our birthday.

our home for the day. Lucky number 8...
view from inside the cabana.

birthday breakfast. What? it had fruit in it!

our room was up there somewhere

love these girls...
happiness is a pool cabana, endless drinks and trashy magazines.
After a day at the pool we got all glammed out for a night out.
hey duck face!
my super amazing brand new shoes. so comfy!
my mission for the problem!
Hanging out on the rooftop terrace at Caesars. No biggie.
aren't they lovely?
i think this meant we were allowed to be there.

happy birthday to us!
Day 3 - Outlet shopping (hello shoes!), Party Bus & Taxi Mayhem:

We hit the outlets hard on this day. And there are no photos to prove it because we were too busy shopping! I had the most success snagging two skirts, 3 pairs of shoes and a dress. And I tried Dunkin Donuts coffee for the first time. It was okay...

Heading back to the hotel after our shopping trip...obligatory Las Vegas sign picture.

rockin' my brand new skirt and heels for this night.

the strip...

party bus meeting place - the Paris hotel
rooftop dance clubs are the bomb.
our "look up" view. :)
C started out happy to get on the bus...

but not so much when on the bus. And yes...that is a stripper pole in the background.

After hitting the second stop on the Vegas Night Bus Tour we decided we were too old for the party bus and hopped into a taxi. It was 1:24am and we wanted In & Out Burgers. Sadly our cabbie informed us that they closed at 1:30. Blasted luck.

We settled for asking him to take us through the McDonald's drive thru where our $15 cab ride turned into a $40 cab ride after we sat in the drive thru for 20 minutes. We were in there for so long we took some selfies.
looking pretty good for the end of  the night...even if I do say so myself.
C got out of the car, went into the restaurant to yell about how damn slow they were, came back out and took this awesome picture.

Look at how happy our cabbie is. :)

When we finally got back to the hotel with our bags of greasy food and milkshakes I discovered this:

29 packages of ketchup. And no one ordered fries. Well done Vegas McDonald' clap just for you.

Day 4 - Pool, packing and public pratfalls:

Our last day in Vegas. It was hot...close to 40 options were limited.  We spent the morning at the pool but it really just wasn't the same without the cabana. And actually the pool wasn't even was lukewarm.  So we gave up on that and reluctantly packed and checked out. Now what to do?

We stowed our bags and headed out to walk the strip.  Because - you know - it was the middle of the day and swelteringly hot.

I finally got to see the Bellagio fountains in fountain. So awesome. Sadly...just before I got to see this awesome sight I made a complete fool of myself. Fell flat on my ass in middle of the sidewalk in the middle of Las Vegas Boulevard. No good reason for the fall. Just clumsy.

Never helps when you are travelling with a girl who loves the slapstick so much that instead of helping me up she just pointed and laughed. Yup...I'm awesome.

Anywho...after that it was time to get to the airport and head home. We took another selfie in the cab - because that's how we roll.

And then had an hour to kill at the gate so we decided to be sad about going home...

One last selfie. Coming home.

Thanks Vegas. You kicked my ass (in a good way) and helped me (almost) forget all my troubles for a wonderful 4 days.

Next time...I'm skippin' the Roller Coaster and the Party Bus. And we will make it to In n' Out Burger in time.

Next time...