Friday, October 4, 2013

For the love of the game...

This summer I finally crossed something off my to-do-with-my-kids list by taking them to an afternoon baseball game at Nat Bailey Stadium. And in doing so I rediscovered my love for game...

When I was a teenager I was big into baseball - actaully I was big into all sports because I wanted to be a sports journalist.  But my favourites were always hockey and baseball. It didn't hurt that the Toronto Blue Jays were back to back World Series champions during this time.

Over the years my love for the game has faded. I've made a few trips south of border to watch the Mariners - and always loved every minute - but for some reason have never made checking out the Vancouver Canadians (who play 20 minutes from my house) a priority.

I will not be making that mistake again next year. We had a blast! Sure it was single A baseball so maybe it wasn't as "professional" as some people would like but these are also young men who are still playing for the love of the game. Plus the Canadians organization does a great job of creating a very family friendly environment.

We were lucky enough to go to a playoff game - a must win for the C's if they wanted to claim the NWL crown for the 3rd year in a row.


We had great seats for the game...

And some great company as well!

Little T had the best seat in the house.

Half of the fun of a ball game is the food...cotton candy: cream...

And of dogs!

SUSHI RACE! Great entertainment for everyone.  The wasabi won on this day...

They have a great kids area set up in left field with bouncy castles and play areas...the kids had a great time.

And they even set it up so that parents who have to sit back there don't miss any of the action on the field. You can just watch over the heads of the pitchers in the bullpen.

At the end of the game - which we won! - I asked the girls what their favourite part of the experience was.  Littlest couldn't decide between the bouncy slide and the cotton candy - no shocker there. But I was pleasently surprised when my 7 year old said it was "watching the game and seeing how they play baseball."

I think I may have found myself a date to take with me to future games. That makes me very happy...

The Vancouver Canadians season starts up again next June.  Check them out at or follow them on twitter @VanCanadians.

See you at the 'Nat!

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