Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Giving Back

This Thanksgiving was a little odd for me.  The rough times I have gone through over the past few months have made be both a little jaded and also extremely aware of the things I have to be grateful for.

As well...for the first time in a very long time...no one in my family was planning a Thanksgiving Dinner.  And so it was that we entered this Thanksgiving long weekend with no plans and no turkey to look forward to. What to do with ourselves?

It felt like a perfect time to do something selfless. To give back and remind our girls that Thanksgiving means more than just turkey.

We decided to do a completely renovation and retrofit of the daycare Staff Room. In the Spring hubby and I (well mostly him) spent countless hours repainting the daycare that our youngest daughter attends. And at that time we were both pretty horrified at the condition of the staff room.

This was supposed to be a space where the hardworking staff that take care of our kids could spend a few quiet moments. But I have no idea how they ever managed to relax.

The couches were old and broken down. The lighting was non existent save for a florescent light above. All of the pictures were broken.  The lone window was covered by a curtain made of...wait for it...denim!

So hubby started the process of hunting down new(ish) furniture.  He put the call out to friends and coworkers and managed to score 2 couches in excellent condition, a new TV, DVD player, stereo and other decorative items. So all we needed to do was paint, buy a few other necessities and move in the new stuff.  Easy peasy right?

What we thought would take us a day...maybe a day and a half...wound up taking up our entire weekend. Thank god we were at a daycare because at least the girls had a lot to keep them occupied.

Here are some before pictures:

And the amazing afters:


The kids contributed a little artwork to the cause:

And one of the other families purchased a brand new laptop for the staff to use:

We hadn't told anyone at the daycare that we were doing the renovation over the long weekend...so they came in on Tuesday morning to discover a completely different room.

A few cried (how awesome is that?) and they were all incredibly grateful and thankful. They have all said that they look forward to their break time a lot more now.

Giving back feels pretty good. I recommend you try it yourself...

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