Friday, October 11, 2013

High Five for Friday - All about the kids...

Another week is in the books. Friday is here and I couldn't be happier about the fact that this is a long weekend...

According to the pictures on my phone (aka the journal of my life) this week was all about the kids. Actually...when is it not? But that is what made the highlight reel this week:

Determined Kisses:
Once little one has you in her are not getting away.

Front Yard Fun:
All you need is a little sunshine, some dry grass, an exercise ball and some pool noodles.

Sunny Days at the Park:
We tagged along to watch daddy's soccer game and of course one of them desperately needed a bathroom as soon as we got there. Luckily for us - our search for a bathroom took us to this park and it's lovely fountain. Sometimes you just get lucky...

Bloggers and Tea:
I'm slowly getting myself back into the blogging game and part of that is reconnecting with all the lovely Vancouver Mama bloggers. This latest event - all about monetizing your blog (my head is still swimming with ideas!) was held at the Neverland Tea Salon and I am officially in love with the space. Can't wait to take my girls with me for High Tea...they have a dress up trunk for kids!

Just the girls:
Ah my lovely little blondies. We are getting pretty good at this selfie thing.

Happy Friday all!

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