Monday, October 7, 2013

The Big Move

Looking back at the summer I must say that what should have been a major event got a bit overshadowed by some of the other "stuff" I had going on in my life.

We moved!

Now let me take a minute to tell you a little about me and moving. I've done it a lot. This move was in fact the 30th in my lifetime. I'm 36.

And while you would think this track record should make me a bit of an expert...most of these moves took place when I was a kid and as such didn't have to do any of the planning, packing, heavy lifting or unpacking. Ah to be young again.

I know that leaving our little apartment would be inevitable after finding out just how serious the financial issues were with our back in July we started house hunting. It had been a very long time since I had looked at rentals so I had no idea what to expect. Our wish list was pretty short - 3 bedrooms, outdoor space and located in our same neighbourhood so we wouldn't disrupt the kids lives.

We hit gold on our first try. As soon as I walked in to the house I knew it was meant to be. There was a vibe...a feeling...and everything just fell into place.  I wanted it. And somehow (because it didn't happen often this summer) the planets aligned and we got it.

We moved in officially in mid-August and the kids adjusted immediately. I was a little concerned about how they would adapt because for the first time they would have their own rooms.  I foresaw many nights where one or both of them would be climbing in with us...scared to be alone.

Clearly I underestimated them because that never happened. From the first night they have both loved having their own space and slept soundly through the night. Even through two very loud thunderstorms!

They have established their territories and laid claim to their favourite toys, stuffies and books. Oldest has made several signs for her door - "Open" "Closed" and (my favourite) "YOU MUST KNOCK FIRST AND THEN WAIT UNTIL I LET YOU IN!" (and yes...she did it in all caps...)

Best of all they have a yard to play in (before we just had a porch and a parking lot...) We have spent many sunny evenings playing on lawn, riding bikes and pulling out every outdoor toy they have.  It has been great.

Just a few of our lovely 'new house' moments:

Popsicles on the front porch...

Bike riding on our own quiet street...

Oldest daughter is very proud of her first desk.

Littlest on her new bed.

Somehow our 7 year old wound up with a queen size bed. Her stuffies take up half of it.

Front yard fun...

We have our very own driveway to draw on...

this is the closest they will come to getting a cat.

Oldest told me the other day she wants to live with "mummy, daddy and sister in our new house FOREVER!".  I told her she won't be singing that tune when she's 16...

So despite the out of our control circumstances that forced us to make this move I feel like we are where we are supposed to be.

We are home.

(And here's hoping move number 31 is a long, long way away.)

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