Sunday, October 13, 2013

The leaves are falling...

I LOVE Autumn.  It's my favourite season by far.

It brings with it sunny days where you can see your breath. Sweater weather. Wood fires on the hearth. And falling leaves.

So many falling leaves.

One of the things my kids were the most excited about with our new house was the yard.  And the fact that in the fall they would be able to collect piles of leaves and jump in them.

Sadly...our lone maple tree has not been cooperative. Dropping it's leaves at the rate of about 4 per day.  And all of those have landed on my car.

So...what to do?  Find another tree of course.  And we did just that by spending the day at my youngest daughter's daycare where the leaves were plentiful.

Oh what fun...what joy...

Welcome back fall...I'm going to go put another sweater on...

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