Friday, November 1, 2013

High Five For Friday - A rough week...

This week has been a slog...

Hubby has been taking an intensive course at work that had him up late studying every night and I - for the first time since starting my new job in March - had to work late to prep for a presentation.

Add to the mix the fact that it was Halloween and the kids had pumpkin patch trips, costume fittings, and trick or treating to do and I am one exhausted and mentally drained mama.

Of course, weeks like this - ones that I am happy to see the end of - still have their moments of awesomeness that need to be celebrated. In fact that is the whole point of High Five for Friday...celebrate the good despite the bad...

Pumpkin Patch with Friends

I went to the pumpkin patch with youngest earlier in the month but this was a chance for all of us to go as a family and with our closest friends. This was a much smaller pumpkin patch and way less chaotic - a nice change. Plus the weather was amazing and all the kids behaved.

Quality Time

The girls and I had some time to kill after they got restless watching hubby's soccer game. I needed caffeine and they are always happy to take a trip to Starbucks. It was all kinds of lovely to sit in the sun with my girls and chat...

Family Movie Night - 2 Versions

Oldest daughter's school hosted a movie night for all families. We were invited to wear our jammies, bring our pillows and blankies and watch Despicable Me 2 in the gym.  It was noisy and chaotic and we had a great time.

We decided to recreate that magic (on a much smaller scale) at home a few nights later. We pulled a queen size mattress into the living room and all hunkered down with popcorn to watch Hotel Transylvania. We will definitely be doing this again...

Notes from a backpack

Wednesday night - after a very long day and evening - I was annoyed to find that my oldest daugther hadn't emptied out her backpack after school. This is one of her only regular chores and  she routinely neglects it. I was grumbling under my breath about irresponsible children when I found this note.

And then it was all good...


As I have said before I don't love Halloween but I do love watching how much my girls love it. And they do love it...


While I'm still ready for this damn week to be over...I am grateful for each of these moments.

Happy Friday!

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