Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Oh how do I love thee new house? Let me count the ways... (Monday Listicles)

We have been in our new house for just over 3 months now. Wow...where has the time gone? I think it has flown by mainly because this house felt like home from the moment we moved in.

I had put a lot of pressure on this poor house.  I needed it to be so many things for me given my frame of mind when we moved.

I needed it to be comforting.  I needed my girls to love it right away.  I needed it to be the fresh start I was so desperately craving.  I needed it to be perfect.

And it is perfect.  For many many reasons...but for this week's Monday Listicles let's just pick 10.

10 reasons my house is the bomb:

1. It's a house.  After living in an apartment for the past 5 years (and a triplex before that) I forgot how awesome it is to live in a real house - with no one above us or on either side.

2. Our landlord.  She lives downstairs - so we do have to watch our 4 years stomping feet - but she is awesome.  She folds the laundry we always forget about in the dryer. She brings the kids treats on the holidays. She is generally fantastic all around...

3. Our yard. Another plus to living in a house is the outdoor space...we have a front yard that is all ours and the girls love to play out there.

There's even a maple tree to climb. The backyard is really supposed to be for our landlord but she's so awesome (see #2) that she has no problem with the girls being back there. There is a playhouse they can use and she even paid them $2 each the other day to sweep her patio. She defintiely overpaid for that labour.

4. 3 Bedrooms. For the first time our girls have their own rooms and they LOVE it. Our oldest is 7 and I guess this is the age where they start need some "space". She has a "DON'T COME IN" sign she likes to put up in such situations. Too bad our 4 year old can't read yet...

5. Driveway. Another plus of being in a house...parking 3 feet from the front door rather than in the downstairs parkade. I may not see this as a plus when we get our first snowfall...but for now I like it.

6. 2 Bathrooms. There are not enough words to tell you how happy we are to have 2 bathrooms. Especially when you have kids who don't tell you they have to pee until they "HAVE TO GO PEEEEEEE!!!!" And then they both have to go at the same time...of course. This is no longer an issue.

7. Our Deck. We have a wrap around deck. It's lovely to sit out there on a summer evening, on our quiet street and watch the sky turn red as the sun sets. Or to enjoy a few precious kid free moments with a book and a coffee.

8. 4 Minute Walk. That's how long it takes us to get to the elementary school.  Unfortunately I only get to do that walk one morning a week...for now.

9. The Fireplace.  It's raised up to eye level and I love that. Plus it has a big mantle that was a lot of fun to decorate. The perfect focal point for the living room. And I can't wait to make it a major focus mwhen we decorate for Christmas!

10. Did I mention it was a house? Yup...that's my favourite thing about it..

I didn't think it would be possible to love my house anymore...but after makeing this list I do.  Here's hoping we live here for a very, very long time.

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  1. Such a great list - it is what makes a house a home!