Thursday, November 14, 2013

Planning my next step

With my first organized run coming up in just over two months I realized I was going to need to decide on what my next focus would be...and soon.

Enter the BMO Vancouver Marathon.  No...I'm not going to attempt a full or half marathon. (Not yet).  But they do have an 8k that sounds like a perfect next step.

Before I could give myself a chance to talk myself out of it...I registered.  And got a friend to sign up with me. And I'm working on getting everyone else I know to sign up as well.

Strength in numbers right?

After happily posting about my decision on Facebook (because...duh...that's what you do right?) I got a lot of responses from my running friends about how 8k is their favourite distance and how amazing the 8k BMO course is.

Naturally I had to check out the course map and hello?...we are running through Stanley Park? Um...yes please!

The 8k run starts at point 13...

Next on my list - buy new shoes and break them in before my January event.  Also - make a Snow White running costume.

The key element of my costume - the yellow skirt from Sparkle Athletic - has been ordered and is on its way.  Now I actually have to do some sewing...hmmm...

And's damn cold out there now. I run after the kids go to bed...and my lungs hurt halfway through...time for some motivation courtesy of Pinterest:

Just keep running...just keep running...

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