Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sometimes you need to stop and chase the pigeons...

Today...after leaving the girls gymnastics class...we decided to take the scenic route home and drive along the river.  2 minutes into our drive we spotted two things that made the girls scream "STOP!".

One was a giant ship moving slowly along the usually empty river. The other a giant flock of pigeons swooping down on a car in the parking lot.

I stopped...we got out.  The pigeons thought we had food and they quickly swooped in our direction.

After a few screams the girls realized the birds were more afraid of them than they were of the birds.  Let the chasing begin...

the giant cargo ship was a momentary minor distraction....


After enjoying the chase for a little bit...we climbed on the rocks as kids are want to do.

And capped off the impromptu trip to the beach with a selfie.

All in all a very enjoyable 35 minutes on a Saturday afternoon...

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