Sunday, December 8, 2013

Meeting the Big Guy

One of the Christmas "traditions" I have never been a big fan of is Santa photos at the mall.

First of all it's a huge ripoff. ($20? Really? Is the photo engraved with 24k gold?)

Secondly...the mall is always a zoo and all the parents are stressing out and most of the kids are complaining about their itchy "fancy" clothes. It's not fun never know what kind of Santa you are going to get. I feel like the quality control on mall santa's has been in a steady decline for too long.

Finally...did I mention it's a huge freakin' rip off?

This year however, when my best friend suggested we all take our kids together and then have lunch I thought it sounded like a good idea. I mean at least I'd get lunch out of the deal. (I kid...I kid...)

But seriously I love doing anything with my best girlfriends and their families. And my kids love hanging out with their kids. So win-win all around.

I don't make my kids dress up at fact...I don't buy them fancy dresses at all.  The reason for this was made perfectly clear when I asked my oldest what she was going to wear to see Santa and she said "cozy pants".

I managed to convert "cozy pants" into leggings and a skirt which I considered a major win. I even got her to wear a hairband. Mother of the Year over here!

We met at 11:15 - 45 minutes before Santa was meant to arrive and we were 6th in line. Wow...there are some keeners out there. The kids...bless their little cotton socks...actually amused themselves for the entire time with no (major) blowouts.

aw look at their fancy clothes. so adorbs!
Little T was playing the diva card and refused to go in the group shot. Typical...
Same trees from when I was in high school. Back when these damn photos were free.
Just as we got close to the front of the line my youngest started playing her little shy game. "I don't want to sit on his lap." "You need to come with me mummy." "I don't wannnnnnaaaaa!!!!"

Thanks be to god for the little train nearby for providing perfect the perfect bribe. "Sit on Santa's knee, smile for the picture and you can ride the train."

The rest as they say was history:

I even grudgingly handed over the $20 to get the 'official' shots...and I was glad I did.

Both girls were shocked that Santa didn't ask them what they wanted for Christmas. I told them he already knows because he's magic. M said we better write him a letter "just in case."

It was then time to fulfill on my bribe promise. I don't know what it was about this silly little train that went in circles but good god my kids were so darn happy...

So good was their mood in fact that we managed to get through lunch with no major meltdowns. Helped mainly by the fact that we handed over our phones for them to play with. ( gotta do what you gotta do.)

So...bottom line?

- This Santa turned out to be a rockstar.

- The people and kids in line were (mainly) happy and non-whiny.

- The picture was actually worth the money.

- And the kids had great fun with their friends.

Sounds like I'm out of excuses to not do this again. Damn...just when I was thinking I was going to get away with it too...

See you next year big guy!

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