Saturday, December 21, 2013

Snowshoeing & Snow Days

We don't get us a lot of snow here on the Wet Coast.  And really that's a good thing because a few inches pretty much shut the city down. Apparently we don't drive so good on our bald summer tires in the snowy conditions....

Usually our local mountains are covered in the white stuff by early December and the skiers and snowboarders and snowshoers can do their thing.  So when we planned a group work outing up to Cypress mountain for snowshoeing on December 17 you would think we would be safe.

Just barely...

We arrived at the mountain to find a light rain falling and the parking lot almost completely devoid of snow.  Not a great start.  I had never been snowshoeing before but having lost 30 pounds and significantly improving my health this year I was looking forward to it.

Once we got our snowshoes on and started up the mountain into the (luckily) snow covered forest I was certainly glad I was in better physical shape because this shit is tiring y'all. But also a lot of fun!

snowshoe selfie...

we stopped at the lodge midway for hot chocolate, warm cookies and some team building activities that were actually fun!

now that's a good lookin' crew right?
Heading back to base...
Frozen pretty.
Turns out if we wanted snow in the parking lot too we need only have waited a few more days.  That Friday we got the snow that grinds the city to the halt.

The kind that made me very glad to have a laptop computer and remote access to my work files because there was no way I was making the trek to work in this weather.

The kids were thrilled! It was the last day of school, pajama and movie day and now it was snowing? That's like the happy kid trifecta!

Little one's boots were at daycare.  She didn't seem to mind the cold feet...

our new house looks so pretty covered in snow...

View from the deck...
snow covered maple tree...doesn't get much more Canadian than that.
And once I had braved the roads just long enough to get my youngest to daycare.  I was happy to settle myself down with a cup of tea at my "home office":

It's so pretty if you don't have to drive in it.

In other words...let it snow (on the weekends only).

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