Monday, February 24, 2014

Showing Me the Love (Monday Listicles)

Once again I have been negligent in keeping up with my Monday Listicles contributions.  And once again...when I finally go back and get ready to write the topic is completely appropriate for my current situation and mind set.

This week's listicles topic is 10 Ways You Show Love.

Right now my life feels like it is in utter chaos - with so many thing causing me concern and worry.  And it is in times of stress that I focus on what is certain...and that is the love of my girls. No matter what crap the rest of my life has for me they are always my anchor to reality and my reminder of what love is really all about.

And is my list of 10 Ways that my Daughters Show Me Love:

1. They say it...a lot. Unprompted and out of the blue.

2. They write it down...a lot.

3. They only want me when they are sick.

4. They make things for me. Drawings, books, confusing works of art with sticks glued to them.

5. They are awesome coffee (hot chocolate) dates.

6. They miss me when I'm away. And tell me so when I get back.

7. They support me when they know I need it the most. Including stretching with me at the end of a tough workout.

8. They still both climb up on my lap for cuddles. Sometimes both at the same time. And that is my favourite thing in the whole world.

9. They make up special kisses just for me. For my little one it goes cheek, cheek, forehead, nose, lips. Every morning, every night. 

10. They can tell when I need their love the most and they give it willingly.

A list like that makes me it much easier to deal with all the other bullshit in my life. A list like that is why having kids is a blessing. A list like that tells me I have all I really need in my life.

So thanks Ashlee for picking just a great listicles topic.  And thanks Stasha for posting it at the perfect time for if you actually knew. ;)

Until next Monday...


  1. OMG, the special kisses are too adorable! Sounds like you have some adorable girls, there.

  2. #8 makes me hope my kids keep doing that for a long time. They're still both little--5 months & 3.5 years--so I get tons of cuddle time these days, but I know it won't last forever... good list!