Monday, May 26, 2014

Another Whistler Adventure

Last year we spend a weekend in Whistler as a family.  This year I took the girls up with my friends instead.

I must admit it was somewhat bittersweet...there were many moments where the girls talked about "last time when we were here with daddy..." and each time it felt like a little punch. Such is my new life.  A series of little punches to the gut as constant reminders that all is not the same.

Now...with all that said...we still had a fabulous time.  And our travel companions were fantastic company...

I'm going to give you a massage Mummy...

...and I'm going to use a grape to do it.

Okay then...first time for everything!

successful spoon hanging...
You know...I'm beginning to think that the sign of a good weekend away with the kids is proven by a lack of photos. Because this is all I had after 3 days of fun!

Not documented by iPhone - but enjoyed by all - were walks through the village in the rain, spending the afternoon at the local community pool (complete with lazy river and rope swing), shopping for gems and rocks, then breaking the first set of gems and rocks and buying more.

Thanks for another great time Whistler.

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