Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Next Stop: Kindergarten

This week was a big one for my littlest. We went to Kindergarten orientation.

I think all of these milestone moments feel a lot more significant as I experience them with my youngest child. The first time around they were exciting and this time that excitement is tempered with just a little touch of sentimentality. Because I know I am experiencing them for the last time.

She is my last baby. This will be the last time I attend kindergarten orientation. It's equal parts liberating and sad for me.

Of course from her point of view this is the start of a whole new adventure and she is more than ready. She was ready to go last year and can't wait to join her big sister at school.

And it will be different for us this time around as well as the teacher is new to us. I LOVED my oldest daughter's kindergarten teacher.  She was young and enthusiastic and so very very good at her job. I was so sad when she left the school and I realized that my little one would have different teacher that would ease her into the world of education.

I'm keeping an open mind...but I'm also just a teeny bit worried. I want her to love school as much as her sister.  I want her to be excited to go every day.

I can't wait to see what September has in store for us...


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