Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Playing hooky (well..sort of...)

One of the best perks about being my own boss is the ability to set my own schedule. When I first started talking about starting my own business I knew that I had no problem working 8 (or more) hours a day.  I just didn't want them to have to be from 9-5.

And so that is how I found myself playing hooky in order to spend a random Wednesday with my girls and one of my besties at the Vancouver Aquarium.  And it was wayyyyy better than sitting in front of a computer.

The girls were thrilled when I told them that we were going to skip school and daycare for the day so J could make good on her Christmas gifts to them.  Sea Otter Experience for my oldest and "you can buy anything from the gift shop" for my youngest...who was too young to accompany her sister.

I love days like this. Where you feel like you are kind of breaking the rules (but aren't really) and you let your kids think that they are total rebels...

We arrived at the Aquarium thinking it would be super quiet. We were wrong.  Apparently Wednesday is a hot day for school field trips.  Lucky us.

But we were in no rush and meandered our way through all the exhibits.  And boy was there a lot to see.

FYI...in all my years of coming to the Aquarium I have NEVER seen the octupus this active.  He's usually tucked away in a corner looking like he's sleeping off a good meal. But not today...oh no...he was moving like crazy.  At one point he shot himself directly headfirst into the glass.

We figure he's testing the glass for weaknesses as he plots his escape.  I wish him luck...

Eventually it was time for M to head off for her behind the scenes tour of the world of Sea OttersAs she was learning all about what Sea Otters eat and how they interact and how much hair they have on their bodies...my youngest and I headed out to the enclosure to stake out a good spot to watch her feed the animals during the show.

And a perfect spot we did find.  And the smile on her face never wavered. Even when she had to pick up the slimy, stinky "fish parts" to throw to them.

It was hard for anything to match the excitement of the feeding after that...but the penguins, sharks and alligators helped a little.

 Then we found a place in the "amphibian" area where you could put  yourself right in the heart of the action.

Finally...it was time to leave...but not before youngest got to make her "big purchase".  I had a feeling we were going to be bringing home a new stuffie...and she didn't dissapoint.

Welcome Waddles to the family.

Side note: as we made our way from the car to the Aquarium we came across the old Polar Bear enclosure and I was immediately taken right back to my childhood.  I loved coming to see the Polar Bears...

All in all...a good day was had by all.  And after bed I was sitting at my computer with a hot cup of tea and some great memories...doing the work that totally could have waited for me all day.

This working at home thing and me?  I think we are going to get along famously...

If only I could remember to eat lunch. One step at a time...

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