Friday, June 6, 2014

Sports Day 2014

This is the first year that I was able to attend my oldest daughter's Sports Day.  I have always had to make tough choices on what end of the year school events I could take time off work for and Sports Day just never made the cut.

But now that I'm working from home everything makes the list and I was very happy to get to go.  Especially since this is the last one that was just about her. Next year I will have to split my time between both girls.  I really hope they are on the same team.

She was team Green this year and the after a last minute trip to the mall to acquire green shorts we were ready to represent. Due to job action there was no bike parade this year and to be honest I was okay with that. Because who really decorates the bikes?  It's not the kids...that's for sure.

The sun was shining bright and everyone had a great time.

Pre-Schooler Race... race with her "participant" ribbon.

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