Monday, July 21, 2014


My girls have (almost) always had long hair. In fact my youngest - who is now 5! - has never had a real haircut. We've done bangs and a few minor trims but never a major cut.

Recently I hit the end of my rope when it came to crying fits while brushing hair. Because you know...sometimes I just don't want to try and find the hair detangling spray that no one knows where they put it last.  I remember crying while my hair was brushed as a kid. it's a right of passage for all girls...right?

That said, with summer here and the hot weather that comes with it, I thought it was definitely time for a change so I started working on convincing them that short hair was the way to go. 

Last year my friends daughter got her haircut and donated the hair to Wigs for Kids - a service run by BC Children's Hospital where they make wigs for kids fighting cancer. I loved the idea of my little ones hair going to help another child and so did she.  So it didn't take any convincing.

We looked into the requirements and found out she needed at least an 8" ponytail to do it. No problem. Unfortunately my oldest didn't quite have enough but we will make that a future goal.

Once they were excited about the cut it pretty much became a case of me actually prioritizing it and getting it done. ...and so it took several weeks.

This weekend we finally got it done.  We hit up Magicuts in the mall and they were awesome with the girls...

oh my lovely littles before and after...

And we're ready to go...big sister first!
I love that 8 year olds can follow directlions...
the carnage..
"oh my god...your hair is SO short!"
my little drama queen pretending to be sad. Always acting...

the first few cuts are the hardest...
sniff...some of that hair was the first that ever grew on her little head.
i was tempted to leave this mullet as it was...

she was completely unable to sit still. the back of her hair is all crooked as a result.

seeing her little sisters new hair for the first time.
Oldest says she always wants to have short hair.  But I think what she really wants is to always have dramatic hair cuts so she can hear everyone say "oh my god look at you!"

Either's good to know that they look cute no matter what the length of their hair. Phew...

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