Sunday, July 27, 2014

Two Games at the Nat

Last year we took the girls to their first baseball game and had a great time.  Unfortunately we took them to the last game of the season so there wasn't a chance to follow up the first game with a second...until now.

Over the past week we went to two Vancouver Canadians games at Nat Bailey Stadium...and had a great time at both.

First up was a visit that was just the girls and me. I had been invited by a work client to the game and - bonus! - it included dinner in the BBQ area in the outfield. (plus a few drinks for win!)

 Game 1 - in pictures...

I bought them little baseball bats. Never thought that they might beat each other with them. So far they haven't....fingers crossed...
our seats in the BBQ area...not too shabby!
Rockstar seats...
Happy to be hanging in the sun with my girls.
watching the opposing team (aka "the yucky guys") warm up.
"mummy...why are their uniforms so UGLY!?"
after dinner we moved up to our seats.
they sat like this for half an inning...
...and then we had to head to the kids area in the outfield.
The kids area at the C's games is seriously awesome.  Three inflatables including a giant slide, bouncy castle and obstacle course. And it's located in left field so I could actually watch some of the game.  They did the slide over and over again as I watched the C's score 6 runs in one inning.

mandatory ice cream before heading home  at the top of the 6th.

A week later we headed back to the Nat to take in a game with family...including my little niece. It was another gorgeous night for baseball and it was also a fireworks night. Of course the game had to go to extra innings so the fireworks didn't start until almost 10 but it was worth the wait...they were AMAZING!

Game 2 - in pictures:

the littlest cousins holding hands...and leading the way.

waiting {not so} patiently...
karate moves in the bouncy castle...


I think she's going to a be a baseball fan. She wanted me to explain everything that was happening. Love this kid...
Sushi races! Wasabi won...and I totally called it.
cotton candy monsters!
come from behind win in the bottom of the 10th....
...I think they were happy about it.

little one didn't like the cheering all that much though.
A perfect way to end the day....
Canadians games are a seriously good time for the price. There isn't a better value in the city if you ask me.

And while I love going with the kids I think my next trip will be without I can actually watch some baseball for a change.

See you again soon C's!

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