Sunday, October 5, 2014

Family Time

Some quality family time was spent this weekend at an old favourite and a new favourite place.

First it was breakfast and a stroll along the docks in Steveston:

And then after hearing so much about the new million dollar playground in our 'hood we decided to check it out for ourselves. On the walk to the new park we were treated to a rare sight...daytime fog rolling in over the ocean. So pretty...

And now...the park:

Showing her "scared" face just before taking on the giant zipline.
Love this little face...fake terrified or otherwise
 Turns out they both had reason to Daddy pushed them so hard on the zipline they almost went flying off. Luckily they had a tight grip and managed to stay on.


Family consensus is that the million dollars was money well spent. We will be back at a hopefully less busy time and with a little less "oomph" on the zipline push...

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