Monday, January 12, 2015

Sun Run Training Day 1 - Back in the Saddle

When it comes to my dedication to running...2014 came in like a runaway freight train and then trickled off to a dusty railroad track with tumbleweeds crossing over it. And looking back on it I'm pretty disappointed in myself for letting that happen.

I trained so hard for my first 5k and then again for the BMO 8k and then...nothing. Well not exactly nothing...I did still run semi-regularly...but not enough.

And it's because I didn't have a goal in sight. I'm goal oriented...I need to have a light at the end of my tunnel or my willpower and focus will fade away.

My husband actually made me see that even more clearly with his Christmas present to me. He framed my two running medals from 2014 and bought an extra frame for "your next one..." Thanks for the push baby...because I have picked my next one.

I will running in my first Vancouver Sun Run 10k on April 19.  Just 96 days from now.


Time to get serious.  First order of business...I needed a training app. I had great success using the Ease into 5k app from Bluefin so it was a no brainer to move up to their Ease into 10k version.

This app is easy to use, tracks everything I think is important. Pace, distance, etc. and I like the voice of the woman that tells me when to RUN!!! and when to Walk... I really think her and I could be friends if she was real.

Anyways...I digress. After putting off starting training for a few weeks to finally get rid of the stuffy nose that wouldn't quit I was ready for Run #1 today.  It looked like an easy one...thank goodness. Run 3 mins, walk 1 mins x 5. Not too bad.

I drove to the gym and happily found my favourite treadmill was available (right next to the door for a cool breeze and not in front of a mirror because I hate looking at myself run).  And I was off.

And you know felt pretty good. 29mins and 3.18k later I was done. And still able to breathe without hyperventilating.

My legs felt a little jello like and my left calf was seriously thinking about cramping up...but I stretched it out and we came to an agreement that it wouldn't.

A few minutes on the mat doing some crunches and I was ready to head home. faced...and feeling like I had accomplished something. Even if it was just a small reflection of what I know I am capable of.

I found myself thinking about my first training run for my 5k. Where 60 seconds of running felt like FOREVER and my shin splints were agony after every run. It's strange to think that was only a few years ago. 

Slow and 1 down.

~ K.

I forgot to smile...but I was actually feeling pretty good.

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