Monday, January 26, 2015

Words of Wisdom - an evolution...

Twice over the past year I have published posts containing words of wisdom that were getting me through some tough times. They were quotes that - at the time - really struck a chord and I felt myself completely relating to.

I looked back on both of those post today - one from February and one from June - and I was pretty surprised to find myself rolling my eyes at a few and wondering how I had ever found strenght in them.

But I had...and that just goes to show how life is always changing. And how we are always changing.

I am not the person I was in June and I am not even remotely the person that I was in February. I am stronger and more confident. But also more exposed and vulnerable.

I like to think I am a better person. I am definitely a more positive person.  And that's why these - dear readers - are the current words of wisdom that I am drawn too.

It's Project Positivity at it's very finest...

Smart mouth and quick wit...check!

Love this...

this one goes both ways thank you very much...

We all need to be more excited about the possibility of flight rather than scared of the fall. Because...really what if you fly?

Wonder what quotes I will be leaning on in another couple of months? Stay tuned!

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