Sunday, February 15, 2015

February Sun

Around the middle of February we start to get pretty damn sick of the grey here in the Pacific Northwest.  The gloom sets in and the mood in the city starts to match the weather.

And that's when we get a day - and if we are lucky - a stretch of days that are warm and sunny. Where we all emerge from our houses and embrace the beauty of our city again.

This Valentine's Day was one of those days. And it brought with it the return of bikes, sidewalk chalk, lacrosse sticks and flip flops. And dancing in the sun...

Our youngest is pretty stubborn when it comes to learning new things. The training wheels came off last summer and she still won't commit to learning to ride without them. Patience...


More than 10 years ago I bought this mini lacrosse stick for my husband for Christmas. Pretty cool that my kids are playing with it now.

We enjoyed the hell out of that day (and the few warm days that followed) to the max. Because we know the rain is coming back...eventually.

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