Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Pink Shirt Day 2015

Today was Pink Shirt Day. And my girls were both very proud to put on their newly purchased (and slightly too big) Erase Bullying t-shirts for the cause.

There were a lot of social media posts going around today about how kids don't really understand what the day is all about. That we aren't doing a good enough job of educating them about why they are wearing pink.

So tonight at dinner I asked my girls to tell me why they wore pink shirts. They both said it was to remember to treat everyone the same. To be nice and kind and friendly. And to not call anyone stupid.

My oldest - in grade 3 - even knew the back story of the pink shirts. She told me all about the children that wore them to support a friend who was bullied.

And they both told me about activities that their school did to call attention to the cause and to ensure the children understood that this day was about more than just wearing pink.

I must admit I was pretty impressed. The message is penetrating. Our kids - well, at least my kids and I would think that is a good sample representation - do understand what this day is about. They know that bullying is wrong.

It's a start...and a pretty good one at that.

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