Monday, February 9, 2015

Puddle Jumping

Today was a stat holiday...Family Day. And it was a rainy, gray and dreary day.

Hubby was feeling under the weather so the girls and I spent most of the day playing board games and doing crafty things like updating their school scrapbooks.

Around 3pm we all felt the desperate need to escape the confines of the house. Rain be damned we were going to go and breathe some fresh air.

The girls put on their rain jackets and boots and off we went to jump in some puddles...and oh did they jump.


It was so much fun to watch them jumping...

You know...just a few months ago I never would have let them do this. I would have been thinking about the cleanup and the hassle.

I'm glad I'm not that same old fuddy duddy anymore...maybe next time I will jump in the puddles with them.

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