Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Walk in the Woods

Today is the first day of March...

Spring is on the horizon...and that means the exploring our beautiful city more often. We have had a stretch of amazingly warm and sunny weather here and that has just increased our appetite for being outdoors.

Today we decided it was time to take a hike in the mountains. It was peaceful and quiet and beautiful and energizing.

oh my heart...I do love this kid and her pigtails.

What is the deal with this bridge to nowhere?

The girls were so excited to find a real life "fairy house" in the woods...

How cute is this?

See the campfire on the right? SOOOO cute!

M decided this giant rock was the perfect place to mediate.

Little sister agreed for about 30 seconds and then she just couldn't help herself...

this photo sums up my children so perfectly.

hello family...

hello family from a more artsy angle.

lost in thought...

We found some awesome trees that were just begging to be climbed...and so they did. Until they were so far up that I couldn't watch anymore. I love how brave and adventurous they are. I just wish they could be that brave with their feet planted firmly on the ground.

can you see them?
2 hours of walking and climbing and breathing crisp mountain air tired all of us out.  Naps were enjoyed by all but the driver (me!) on the long way home.

See you again soon forest. Can't wait to see if they finally put in the swimming pool at the fairy house.

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