Saturday, March 21, 2015

Harry Potter Party Planning - Invite and Activities

This year I was not going to do a big birthday party for the girls. I was determined to make it easier on myself and throw the party somewhere where all we had to do was show up and write a cheque.

That all went out the window when I came across the Young Wizards Academy website:

As soon as I saw it I knew I had to throw the girls the most AMAZING Harry Potter party EVER!

So I sent an email to Marty at the Young Wizards Academy and crossed my fingers he would reply quickly and be available on my date.

He replied within hours and was available! We exchanged a few emails regarding details and the deal was done. Marty's passion for what he does comes across even through an email. And if you take a browse through the website - which you totally should can see all the other amazing party options he offers.

I think we might be doing some Jedi training next year. No more parties right?!

When I told the girls about the party and showed them the website they were over the moon excited and it was time to get started on the invitation. The party was in less than a month and Spring Break was in the middle of that. We needed to get these invitations done before all the kids left for 2 weeks.

After a brief discussion we all agreed the invitations should look like the acceptance letter for Hogwarts. After another browse through Pinterest - we had confirmed the wording. It was a hybrid of some awesome examples found online and our own wording.

You can download a copy of the invitation in Word format HERE.

We printed them on "parchment paper" to keep it authentic. The paper was actually taken out of a scrapbook that I bought at the dollar store. The pages were thinner and longer than normal letter size paper and it was perfect.

I blanked out the personal info like address, phone number and email. but you get the idea...
My oldest daugther had received a feather quill and ink for Christmas so we used that to write the names of each child at the top of the invite.

If I could do one thing differently it would be to put a To ______: line in the letter and have written the child's name there. It would have made the invites a little more authentic in my mind.

I used Monotype Corsiva for the body text - I believe it's free on most computers. And downloaded a free font called LUMOS for the header. 

We then rolled up the parchments and tied them with ribbon. The girls handed them out to their friends on the last day of school before spring break and we were a go.

One element done...757 more to go. I'm going to need a vacation after this party.

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  1. There were so many little things that our event coordinator and her assistants did on the day-of that I would never have thought of (and I'm sure my bridesmaids were glad I didn't have to delegate those tasks to them either!)