Friday, May 29, 2015

A Star is Born

Today was the day my oldest had been waiting for ages. After months of practices and rehearsals she was ready to perform the lead in her school musical.

And she was incredible in her role as the Elephant's Child in Rudyard Kipling's short story of how the young elephant with such 'satiable curiosity wound up being the reason that they have trunks...

It was an indescribable feeling watching her up on that stage reciting her lines and singing her solo.

I was terrified and proud and happy and tense and nostalgic and sad and happy all at the same time.

Mostly though...if I'm honest...I was in awe. That my firstborn daughter who came into this world so very tiny and helpless had become such an incredibly confident and talented girl. 

A few times I saw just the smallest sign that her confidence had faltered. They were quick little changes on her face that were so minute I like to think that only her mother could spot them.

She looked up briefly each time and caught my eye. I smiled at her and gave her an encouraging nod and she recovered just as quickly as she had faltered.

And at the end of it all she took her well deserved bow to a chorus of whoops and whistles from all of my crazy family in the audience.

And when she looked up she beamed broadly at me and I knew she had found her calling. I see many front row seats in our future.

Well done my dear daughter. I am so very very proud of you.

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