Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

I'm not often accused of being overly sentimental or sappy. And I'm not easily brought to tears. But there are two things in this world to which that assessment does not apply.

They are the reason for which I wake up every day. They are my hearts that live outside my body. They are - to put it simply - my everything.

And they are also the reason that I now get the honour of being celebrated on the second Sunday in May.

This Mother's Day stretched out for me over the course of several days - starting with a lovely Mother's Day tea in my youngest daughter's kindergarten classroom on the Friday afternoon.

They had worked very hard on the tea - making sandwiches and decorations and preparing songs to sing.

She was very proud to present me with her homemade gifts - a magnetic picture frame made of Popsicle sticks and a book about why she loves me:

that's right people...I'm better than cupcakes, tea and pizza. take note.

She also drew a very lovely picture of me.

Notice my mis-matched shoes...really not sure what that was all about. 

And finally - the tea ended with the teacher reading Robert Munsch's creepy classic "Love You Forever". Now my calling this story 'creepy' should make it clear how I feel about this story but just to be sure you understand fully...I want to reiterate...I HATE this book.

I find no part of the story to be sweet or sentimental or wonderful. I find it creepy and disturbing. And I really wonder how many times I am going to have to hear it read aloud on Mother's Day by very lovely and amazing and well intentioned teachers. Please god let 2015 mark the end of it...

But I digress...

On the actual day of Mother's I did get the requisite lie-in until about 9am when I was woken by my girls with a steaming mug of coffee and more homemade gifts.

Little one was pretty disappointed about having already given me her gifts and didn't have anything to offer up like her big sister.   So she went off to her room and came back with this:

An American quarter, 5 cents in Canadian Tire money,  500 Indonesian Rupees (where the hell did she get that?) and a heart shaped eraser.

I finally had to drag myself out of bed for a lovely breakfast with my in-laws. Brunch was followed up by a lovely stroll through the trails in Pacific Spirit Park.

Now just to make sure you don't think the entire day went off without a hitch here's a funny little story for you. Halfway through the hike little one (of course) suddenly had to pee. Right. Now.

My sister in law graciously offered to help her in the bushes. I warned that she wasn't very good at the whole peeing in nature without peeing all over herself thing...and she proved me right when she came back out with a wet t-shirt and pants. Such is life with kids though right?

About 2 minutes later she's walking in front of me and fidgeting like something is in her pants. I pull her aside to take a look and can't help laughing...her little behind is covered in half the forest floor.  There was dirt and leaves and pine needles stuck to her. There was even a little pine cone!

I cleaned her off - with the sleeve of my sweatshirt because that's what us mamas do - and she literally sighed with relief when I was done. Crisis averted. Our walk resumed.

Then it was back home for dinner with my own Mummy - because it's not Mother's Day without spending time with her! Followed by Game of Thrones and an early-ish bedtime.

A perfect day in my book. Every minute of it (save for Game of Thrones of course) spent with the two little humans that allowed me to be celebrated in the first place.

Happy Mother's Day to me.

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