Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Track Time (aka look at my kid go!)

I loved the big, all-school track and field meet when I was a kid.  I loved the energy of the place. I loved the thrill of the competition. I loved the freezies.

I also remember feeling like it was just me and my friends hanging out. I know the teachers were there and I'm pretty sure they knew where I was (most of the time) but I don't remember them playing any part in my experience which made it all the more fun.

This year my oldest daughter got to experience her first Track & Field meet. Unfortunately for her hubby and I both tagged along and pretty much just followed her around all day.  Just was only most of the day.

She was entered in three events - long jump, 4x100m girls relay and the 200m.

First up - long jump:

Her best jump was 2.4m. She foot faulted but no one caught it. She knew she did it so was happy to get away with it.

She was most excited about running in the 4x100 and I remember being just the same. I loved being a part of a team.  She ran third and her team finished 2nd in their heat and 6th overall!

Last event of the day was the 200m. She was starting to fade a little by this were we...and the sun had disappeared so the track pants came back on to help keep her skinny little legs warm.  I'm pretty sure the pants slowed her down but she still came in 2nd in her heat and 5th overall. 

After finishing the requisite jumbo Mr. Freeze we headed home after a long day. Next year I think it might be time for her to experience this solo...for a part of the day at least.

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