Sunday, June 21, 2015

Go Canada Go! Father's Day in the Fan Zone

This year Vancouver has been one of the host cities of the FIFA Women's World Cup Soccer Tournament.

This is also the year that both my girls started playing soccer. Hubby has always been a huge soccer fan so it was no surprise that he wanted to spend Father's Day soaking in the soccer atmosphere in the city as Canada took on Switzerland in the Quarter Finals.

We thought about buying tickets but - as with everything - when you have to buy for a family of 4 it gets expensive. The next best option to being AT the game was to be near the game at the Fan Zone set up by the city and FIFA.

Taking the skytrain is always one of the most exciting parts for the girls:

"the train is almost here daddy!"


We waited 45 minutes in line for this face painting. And almost got pulled into the middle of a fight between a Liverpool fan and 2 Man U Supporters during the wait. And I missed watching most of the first half.

 At least she thought it was worth it...

Canada WINS!!!!!

getting interviewed. "mummy...we might be on TV!"
 It was a pretty great way to watch the game. The place went nuts when Canada scored their lone goal. 

Plus...there were mini donuts. :)

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