Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I (heart) Bookstores

This quote sums up perfectly why an ebook will never do it for me. Why I still take books out of the library. 

Books are magic. 

There is just something about bookstores that draws me in. Especially used bookstores. And it turns out there is actually a name for it. Well according to a twitter account there is...

Vellichor. What a great word...even it is made up. 

My first non-fast food job was in bookstore and god I loved it. I stayed for years because of the smell....and the discount.

But even my love for books couldn't overcome my lack of patience with dumb customers. This picture represents one of the main reasons I decided I'd had enough. 

In my story, the customer was looking for a yellow book. That's all she knew...it was yellow and her friend had it on her bookshelf and it looked "interesting". 

Ah memories...

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