Sunday, October 11, 2015

One-on-One Time: Raptors and Fro-Yo

Last weekend t was my time for my youngest girl and I to have our long-overdue mummy/daughter date.  I say long overdue because she used the word "finally" many times in the days leading up to today. And told everyone that would listen that she was "finally" getting to spend some time just with me.

I found this amusing as we actually spend quite a bit of time together without "the sister" around...but clearly that quality time has to date gone unnoticed.

But I digress. let's talk about today and how great it was for us to 'finally' have some time together.

As soon as I got my hands on a pair of tickets to the Toronto Raptors pre-season game I knew this would be the perfect place to take her.  She wouldn't have to be quiet during the play (which is torture for her) and there would be snacks involved.

It was a win-win for both of us.  So our night out together could be summed up as follows: giant pretzel / hot dog / ice tea / popcorn / sushi (for mummy) / frozen yogurt. oh...and we went to a basketball game too.

why yes that is Trevor Linden sitting pretty much right in my line of sight.  Sorry...did you say there was some kind of basketball game going on?

the dancers were pretty fun to watch.

"mummy...take my picture with this robot hockey guy..."

We rounded off the adventures at Rogers Arena with some Menchies. Always a good choice.

This time that we spent together was important. Because to be honest - she's at such a difficult age that there are days where I find myself thinking I don't like her very much. And I hate that.

Because although I know I will always love my girls I want to make sure I like them too. That I find that balance of being their friend and confidant but also their parent and role model.

She will grow out of this phase. Because I saw signs of that in her today. When she allows herself to come out of the self imposed shadow her big sister casts - she blooms.

She is funny and smart and observant and sweet. And that I love that she showed that side to me today.

I needed the reminder that it's moments like this that are important. Not the words said out of frustration at a lost library book or a forgotten school notice.

It's feeling her little hand slip into mine as we walk. And seeing her smile broadly from behind a giant pretzel.

Good times...

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