Monday, December 14, 2015

A Night at Cirque

Every year Cirque du Soleil brings a travelling road show to Vancouver. The big tents go up on the East side of downtown - the signature blue and yellow chapiteau signalling the return of something wonderful to the city.

For the first time this year - both of my girls talked about Cirque and asked if we could go. Knowing that we didn't have the extra funding to buy tickets I told them no...and said maybe when they were older.

And then a miracle happened - one of the sales reps I deal with on a regular basis sent me an invite to attend. But there was a catch...just 2 tickets.

time to pick my favourite tough.

And then miracle number 2 - my colleague offered to give me her two tickets so I didn't have to actually make that tough choice of who to leave behind. Phew...close call.

I didn't tell the girls where we were going that day. Their dad had a course so I got to bring my mum with me.

We drove downtown with the girls asking a million questions about where we were going. Hockey game? Concert? Soccer game? The mall? Sushi?

It was KILLING my oldest expeically not to know. And then we took the turn off the bridge and that signature tent loomed before them.

CIRQUE DU SOLEIL! they cried out. And with great excitement and enthusiasm we headed into the show.

After spending $30 at the food counter on 2 warm-ish pretzels and some popcorn (ouch!) we took our seats and thoroughly enjoyed the next few hours of entertainment.

All of the souvenirs were way too expensive...kind of like the food...but we tried on some masks just to check the size...

And then it was into the main stage area...

What a great show. We all loved it. So grateful to generous sales reps and amazing colleagues.

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