Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Road Trip 2015

Last year we took a trip down to Portland to visit family for American Thanksgiving.  We had a great time and decided this year to do it all again.

Road trips are just awesome - unless you are travelling on the day before a major holiday and then they are slow and looooonnnngggg.  We got caught up in a bunch of traffic accident delays including one just as we got on the highway...

 But once we arrived in Portland it was all worth it...

Thanksgiving Feast. Oh my...so good...

First stop the next day - the Portland Children's Museum. The girls love it!

Then it was downtown to my favourite store in the city. If only I had unlimited time and no children with me to experience the amazing Powell's Books on my own:

We checked out the Portland Farmer's Market..

Then checked out the Forestry Centre...

And the Portland Zoo...

such wonderful actors...

ZooLights was running again and we loved checking out all the amazing light displays.  

M didn't want to say good by to her new best friend Hungry but it was time to head back north for a night and day in Seattle.

And these brake lights signaled our return to the Emerald City and the ridiculous traffic.

The next day our first stop was Seattle Center and the very very tall Space Needle.

I have a serious fear of heights but my goal is always to show my girls that you can't be ruled by your fears.

So I put on a brave face and rode up to the top in a glass elevator (gulp) and then had to endure having my youngest on her daddy's shoulders. That proved a little too much and I had to ask her to come down but otherwise I actually enjoyed the experience.

Loved this sign...so true...

don't worry...it's root beer.

riding the monorail...Starbucks in hand.

carefully considering her next move.

Victory is hers!

We had to wait out the Seattle rush hour traffic before heading home so the girls got cozy...

See you again next year...family traditions are a beautiful thing. :)

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