Saturday, January 9, 2016

So You Think You Can Dance Tour - Kid Date Night

Last Christmas I gave my oldest daughter tickets to see the So You Think You Can Dance tour. She was 8 and sooo excited to go.

I considered buying a ticket for my youngest daughter too but at age 5 I thought she was a little too young to sit through the whole thing and I didn't want her fidgeting to ruin the experience for her sister. Also - she just wasn't as into the show as her sister was.

So I told her you had to be at least 6 to attend the show. She bought the little white lie and all was good. M and I had a blast at the show.

This summer we all watched SYTYCD together and my youngest daughter was much more into it. So when the tour announced a stop in Vancouver I thought it would be a great mother-daughters night out. Christmas shopping complete.

oh this look of awe and wonder...

yup...not quite a lover of live shows yet

"it's the robot dance!"

team stage...all the way...

Verdict: it was a great night but I still think my youngest is either still too young for a 2 hour show or she's just not the sit still and watch a show type.She fidgeted her way through the whole thing and nearly fell asleep halfway through the 2nd half.

Rant: Why would you start a show that is aimed at kids at 8pm on a Friday night? So ridiculous. 7pm would have been much more appropriate. My kid wasn't the only one having a hard time keeping her eyes open.

Back to the show. It was fantastic, a great representation of the TV show and energy filled from start to finish.  But next year...I'm leaving the littlest one at home.

Sorry sweetie...

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