About Me

Hi...I'm Kelly. Welcome to my blog!

When I'm not on here blogging I am either spending time with my 2 beautiful daughters or working for various clients through my marketing & media consulting business - MKT Marketing.

I don't write nearly as often as I want to and I often find myself crippled with writer's block when I have something important that I want to share. But eventually I get it out...and I hope you enjoy what I have to say.

Thanks for reading...and for hanging out here for however long you decided to stay.


Now that you know all the important stuff..here are 25 random facts about me. Some are significant...others are just interesting.

1. I have moved 29 30  31 times and went to 13 schools. Those experiences have significantly shaped the person I am today.

2. I share my birthday with 2 other family members.  Growing up I remember wishing I could have my own birthday party (I'm a Leo and don't like to share the spotlight)  But now...I love it.

3. I have an amazing network of friends. They are always there for whatever I need.  Whether it's a shot of grape vodka, a laugh over a cup of coffee or a shoulder to cry on.

4. I once broke my wrist by falling out of a tree and into a Smithrite garbage bin. I was 8.

5. I auditioned for the part of Lucy in our Grade 4 play "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown." I didn't get the part and I'm still not quite over it. I WAS Lucy.

6. Nothing makes me happier than a hot cup of tea. But with 2 little kids I rarely get to drink it while it's hot.  As such I have acquired a taste for cold tea.

7. I went to Journalism school with the goal of becoming a sports broadcaster. Upon graduation though I realized I would have to move to some little hick town to make that happen...so I went into marketing instead.

8. I hate flying. I spend the entire flight watching the flight attendants for signs of trouble. Every time one of those little lights goes on or there is a "ding" from somewhere I am sure we are going down. So I tell whoever I am sitting with that I love them. It gets awkward when I'm on a business trip.

9. I don't read "good" books. If it won a Pulitzer or another prestigious book prize or if Oprah put in on her list...I don't want anything to do with it. I just want to get lost in a book that doesn't make me think.

10. My first job was at A&W when I was 13 and I loved every minute of it. Except the uniform...that thing was itchy!

11. I worked at 6 different bookstores in the Chapters chain.  I loved the discount but hated the stupid customer questions "I'm looking for a book...its yellow." Oh you mean the yellow book...come right this way.  Fun fact: 19 years later I still remember the ISBN number for The Lion King Bargain book. It's 1-57082-0872 in case you were wondering. Pure muscle memory from having to type it in so many times on the register to re-order it.

12. I HATE wearing shoes. I need to move to a place where it's okay to go barefoot all day long. I'd put on flip flops for fancy occasions. Obviously...

13. I hate ginger in every form except Ginger Ale and Ginger Bread. The smell of it makes me gag. Yuck.

14. I started running in 2013 with a goal of eventually tackling a half marathon. One day it will happen. But I suspect that day is still a few years away. Perhaps on my 40th birthday?

15. It's been more than 17 years and I am still upset that Earls took their Grillato Chicken Fettuccine dish off the menu.

16. Back when it was cool to make a list of 5 people you were allowed to sleep with no questions asked - I only needed one name. Mr. Linden...whenever you are ready...I'm here.

17. The first live music event I ever attended was the New Kids on the Block concert at BC Place Stadium when I was 12 years old. My friends and I went in a limo. I wore a fedora. It was one of the best nights of my life.

18. I love to create elaborate colour-coded spreadsheets in Excel…for everything. You should see my itinerary for our first trip to Europe…it is a thing of pure beauty.

19. I have always enjoyed writing and have finished several short stories (none of which are good enough to be published). I started writing my first novel after my oldest was born. She's 7 and I have written 2 chapters. Not a good start.

20. Getting an unprompted “I love you Mummy” from my kids is the best thing…ever.

21. I have a photographic memory. If I need to remember a phone number I write it down and it is indelibly printed on my brain. However I am terrible at remembering people’s names. Please don't take it personally.

22. I made my mum a stool in Grade 7 Woodworking Class and 'borrowed' it from her when my first baby was born.  She never got it back. It's more than 20 years old now and my kids play with it every day.  Man...did I know how to build a stool!

23. I once fell UP the stairs and broke my front tooth.  I'm talented that way...

24. I drive a stick shift and I have a lead foot.  The 'oh-shit' handles get used a lot in my car when I'm driving with people who are not used to my "style".

25. Corny as it sounds…I am completely happy with where life has taken me.  But I wish it would take me on vacation a little more often.

(Updated in July 2015)


  1. Awesome! Made me giggle !

  2. What I loved the most about your writing is that it expresses so perfectly who you are that I can actually hear your voice as I read! Who's the funny girl then?!!!

  3. I love my grade 7 stool!! Great list!

  4. That's my girl...in every word! I loved your stories when you were a child. They held my interest then and do so even more now.

    P.S. I say hello to my foot stool every time I visit...no longer related, we remain old friends!

  5. This was an awesome list. Thanks for sharing! Oh, and we share many of the same list items. (ahem, #16 is well-ordered in the list)

  6. Hey Kelly! Jen from www.mamapapabubba.com... Just wanted to pop over and say hello! I'll be your blogger ambassador tomorrow night. :) Looking forward to meeting you!